Squeeze Kit by Survivor Filter
Survivor Filter Squeeze KitSurvivor Filter Squeeze KitSurvivor Filter Squeeze KitSurvivor Filter Squeeze KitSurvivor Filter Squeeze KitSurvivor Filter Squeeze Kit

Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit


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The Squeeze Kit includes:

  • Survivor Filter®
  • Two Collapsible Canteens
  • 5 Cotton Pre-Filters

The Survivor Filter uses Triple Filtration with cleanable/replaceable filter elements. The Ultra Filter can be removed and cleaned up to 100,000 liters (26,417 gallons), the replaceable Carbon Filter lasts up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) and the Cotton Pre-Filters can be used up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons).

The Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit cleans water down to a filtration level of 0.05 Microns. By attaching the Survivor Filter to our Collapsible Canteens, you can produce clean, filtered water in no time!

Survivor Filter

Ultimate Multi-Purpose Personal Water Filter Ideal For:

  • Camping, Hiking, Trekking and Fishing
  • Vacation and Backpacking
  • Survivalists and Preppers
  • Kids and Adventurers

The SURVIVOR FILTER Outdoor Portable Water Filter & Personal Water Filter system cleans water down to a filtration level of 0.05 microns, the highest level available on the market today, thanks to  its TRIPLE FILTRATION (UF Filter (Medical Grade), Carbon Filter, and Mesh Filters).


Only filtration to 0.05 microns has been shown to successfully remove 99.99% of Dirt, Bacteria, Protozoa, Chlorine, Heavy Metals and other Contaminants from fresh water sources and meets EPA guidelines. The Survivor Filter is reusable and can filter up to 1000 litres or 264 gallons and then filters can be cleaned by back flushing and replaced for a fraction of the cost.


To operate, its as easy as sticking one end directly into the fresh water source

Reliable and High Capacity

  • Triple Filtration to 0.05 microns, thanks to UF Filtration, Carbon Filtration and mesh – 4 times more efficient than the competition at 0.2 microns.
  • Dual Filters (Ultra and Carbon) are removable and can be cleaned or replaced by purchasing on Amazon as needed. Plus, comes with 4 extra mesh filters!
  • BPA Free and Weighs only 3.5 ounces. Fits just about anywhere (7 inches long X 1 inch wide) and Comes with detailed instructions and How to Use Manual.
  • Can be used directly from fresh water source, with our Survivor Filter Collapsible Canteens, OR firmly attached to a Smart Water or Dasani Water Bottle, making the Survivor Filter the Most Versatile Personal Water Filter Straw Available.
  • Other personal water filters are difficult to drink from, the Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter has a Special Mouthpiece, an integrated Cap to keep the mouthpiece clean and produces a SUPER FAST FLOW RATE of 200 ml. (7 ounces) per minute.
  • Backed up With our Unbeatable Warranty
  • 400% Better Filtration at 0.05 Microns than the Lifestraw at 0.20 Microns
  • 0.05 Microns of Filtration, Best Level on the Market Today!
  • The ONLY Personal Water Filter that has an Ultra Filter, Carbon Filter and a Particle Filter!
  • No need to throw it out after one trip thanks to Reusable and Replaceable Filters that last up to 264 gallons (1000 Water Bottles) and can then be easily cleaned or replaced as needed.


Durable, and Versatile

  • Super-fast Flow rate of 200ml (7 ounces) per minute
  • Easy Flip-On, Flip-Off Mouthpiece Cap Keeps Cap Clean
  • Weighs only 3.5 ounces and easily fits in your glove box, tackle box, knapsack or BUG-OUT bag
  • Fits in your hand
  • Easy to Open Amazon Frustration Free Packaging Allows you to Open and Close the Packaging and Seal the Product with Ease.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Unbeatable Warranty*

Survivor Filter believes that you will love this Portable Water Filter so much that we offer a no-hassle 30 Money Back Guarantee and Ltd. Lifetime Warranty! Don’t take Chances with Your Family’s Safety. Get Yours Now!